What's new at rogerpenn.org?

Saturday, April 16, 2011—Obviously, I've done some updating since 2009! Oops. I have added many poems to the Poetry Page. I have also added the Stable Hill Concepts site. Now I just need to get it added to the menu on the main rogerpenn.org page.

June 15, 2009—Depending on how long ago a page was written and how long it is, it can be a considerable endeavor to update if from, say, HTML 3.0 to XHTML 1.0/CSS. However, I'm working on it. Slowly but surely. I just finished with the Poetry Page and while I was at it I gave it a facelift.

February 8, 2008—Almost a year since the last significant update, Any Little Everything has been resurrected at www.fiveoclockpeople.org

April 24, 2007—Lot's of cosmetic changes, behind-the-scenes coding improvements, replaced main menu link to Galeons Lap (defunct) with link to Any Little Everything (The Five O'clock People Site).

April 17, 2007—The long-awaited (at least by me!) Music Database is now onlne. You can see my entire library, search for artists, titles, tracks, etc. and find out what you wish you had (and maybe ask me nicely to borrow it).

March 3, 2007—Added "The Beet and the Rutabaga" to the Poetry Page

February 23, 2007—Added "Captured" to the Poetry Page

February 19, 2007—Added "Bemused" to the Poetry Page

February 7, 2007—Redid the main menu graphic as well as finished converting a few other pages. The music database is still not on line yet, and that will be the next project.

February 6, 2007—Lots of updating and revision completed. All traces of rogweb.com should be eradicated now and replaced with rogerpenn.org, except for the main navigation graphic on the main page. I have to make a whole new graphic and image map, but that's next. Major code updating done under the hood, so things should load much faster even if they don't even look any different. Outdated material updated, old useless pages removed and replaced with something current and useful, stuff like that. Still a lot of stuff to do, but if you find anything suspicious or obviously wrong, please let me know.

January 30, 2007— rogweb.com is reincarnated and back online as rogerpenn.org. There will be many major changes to the site made over the coming weeks, mostly under the hood.

May 5, 2005— Added pages 5 & 6 to Jessica's Album.

April 23, 2005 — I know you thought I quit writing forever, and it almost seems that way. This poem isn't finished, but I put it up so I could look at it and remember to work on it.

April 12, 2005 — Everything should be back to normal except things that require cgi on the back end, and then even some of that. But if certain forms don't submit properly or some such, that will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.

March 17, 2005 — Most of the site has now been moved to the new host. Some things might not work still, but most of it is up. Galleons Lap site closed due to lack of interest.

November 28, 2004— Added page 4 to Jessica's Album.

August 31, 2004— Added pages 2 & 3 to Jessica's Album.

December 28, 2003— Added page 12 to Christopher's Album.

October 8, 2003— I unearthed a poem that I had thought forever lost. So here it is.

September 29, 2003— *GASP* Added page 11 to Christopher's Album.

August 7, 2003— Enabled comments for the entries on the home page.

March 21, 2003— Everything should be working just fine, except the mailing lists which I'm too lazy to re-create for two reasons: one of them has moved on to other services and the others weren't used anyway. So I'm not in any hurry to futz with them. Updates to various pages may or may not happen depending on the time/energy I have to spend on such things.

March 1, 2003— Well, here we are back at Five Buck Host. Seems I'm stuck with hosting until I'm someplace I can get DSL or afford my own personal T1. Like that'll ever happen. Everything is in place except the cgi scripts, which will be on line soon, so no form processing and no mailing lists yet either until I convert them back to majordomo and write web interfaces for them. Sorry.

October 14, 2002— rogweb.com has been moved back home to its own server again. This means that everything should be working as it was before the move to Fivebuckhost, including the Listserv server. Unfortunately, it will mean some things will be a bit slower as it now has only a fraction of the bandwidth available.

June 21, 2002— Added a new poem. All together now...ooooh!

June 21, 2002— Added new photos to Christopher's Photo Album. OK, so tonight means a month later. Sue me.

May29, 2002— Added new photos to Christopher's Photo Album. More to come tonight (I hope).

May 25, 2002— Another new poem.

April 25, 2002— Run for this hills! I actually added more photos to Christopher's Album!

April 24, 2002— Everything has been moved to the new server and should be working properly. On the server end that is. There are a number of things that will have to be changed and fixed as far as the content goes. One of them is the interfaces to the mailing lists on the Five O'clock People site, another is some of the password protected pages. If you find anything that is broken, please email me.

April 12, 2002— A new poem, or should I say working draft, added to the poetry page.

April 4, 2002— rogweb.com has been moved to a new server at fivebuckhost.net. Unfortunately this server is severely overloaded and another is being brought in to take its place/augment it. In the mean time, pages will be served pretty slowly. Sorry. Due to costs, I can no longer afford to maintain my DSL connection and services on my own server, so I had to move them elsewhere and revert to a dial-up connection. Hopefully before too long in the future, I'll have everything back on my own hardware where I can have direct control of it.

March 31, 2002— Another new poem on the poetry page .

March 24, 2002— Finally completed the Stable Hill Press pages.

March 23, 2002— Yet another new poem added to the poetry page.

March 3, 2002— Ack! My server totally whacked out! I had to build it from the ground up. Not everything may be working right just yet. The worst part is that I probably lost all the archives for the mailing lists at www.rogeb.com/listerv. The lists will have to be recreated so for the moment, no mailing lists. Sorry. I will update you when they are done and you can resubscribe again. Most of you on the ZEP list will be resubscribed automatically (your confirmation required, though).

February 23, 2002— Apologies to anyone who tried to access something on rogweb.com since last night. I upgraded Apache and reconfigured some things and forgot to restart httpd before I went to bed! D'oh!

February 19, 2002— Quick! Run and tell the king the sky is falling! Two new poems in one week!

January 9, 2002— As those of you playing along at home know, rogweb.com has been offline due to my having to move. It is back online now!

November 19, 2001— Seems like the only thing I update lately is to add a few poems here and there. Exactly one month to the day since the last time I added some. Huh.

October 19, 2001— Oh my gosh, I did it again! Another new poem and it's still 2001!

July 24, 2001— You'll never believe this, but after 10 months, I've finally posted some new poems.

July 8, 2001— Redesigned the Stable Hill Press page. There's still no more there than the PDF of "Loft for Rent", but hopefully as more gets published, there will be more there!

May 16, 2001— The Galleons Lap Guestbook is back on line. Finally!

May 8, 2001— The ZEP celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

April 20, 2001— As you probably noticed, rogweb.com has been offline for quite some time. This was due to Verizon having hijacked my circuit and refusing to admit it was their problem. I finally got that resolved and service restored only to have my nameserver DNS info screwed up again with the registrar. So if they don't get it right immediately, I will be moving registrars again, which will mean another couple of days unreachable but by IP address while DNS gets straightened out.

Jan 22, 2001— Listserv at rogweb.com is back on line. This means ZEP is alive again! Yay!


Due to some aggressive cracking activity, my existing front end server (dns, email, web, listserv, etc.) was compromised and had to be removed from the network and a new server rebuilt to replace it. This is a huge undertaking and pieces of it will be coming on line bit by bit. As of today, mail and web services have been restored. However, you may continue to experience problems as bugs are worked out, issues from having upgraded from Red Hat 6.2 to Red Hat 7.0 are resolved, configuration errors are discovered, and the occasional reboot of the server happens. You may find the web service a little slow for a while. Please be patient while I reconstruct.

Nov 5, 2000— Finally added some updates to the My Son page.

Sept 23, 2000— Added the first new poem in almost a year to the poetry page.

Sept 17, 2000— Added the Where to Buy Classic Pooh directory - Now when you travel, check here first to find out where you can look for classic Pooh while you're there!

April 29, 2000— Improved the Milne Bibliography - New logo, new books, now linked into my bookstore so you can purchase from there directly.

April 25, 2000— Added new photos to the Contact Sheet and removed a few old ones.

April 23, 2000— Updated the My Love page. Well, sort of. It still needs bringing up to date, but at least the incorrect and out of date info has been edited out. And it has a new look, although I'm not sure how well I like it yet, so it may change again.

April 23, 2000— Added the My Son! page to the home page. This will become Christopher Michael's "Online Baby Book", and later on, his own home page.

April 2, 2000— Reworked the main "rogweb.com" graphic. Looks much nicer if you ask me.

March 26, 2000— Fixed a lot of stuff and updated the My Life page.

November 21, 1999—Now added to Poetry Page.

August 12, 1999— Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo Resource Page back on line.

August 6, 1999— My Love page actually about my Love again, rather than about the lack thereof.

August 4, 1999— rogweb.com goes live from it's new home! We're still moving in, however, so be prepared for some missing pages and broken links.