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For security of copyright reasons, most of my publicly available works are not displayed here. For the most part, these are just images I'm playing with. Nevertheless, they are watermarked and copyright by Roger B. Penn Jr. and may not be reproduced in any media without permisson. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger view. Please keep in mind that my lousy scans are a far cry from the original print.
Coffee Melodies

"Coffee Melodies"

This was taken in a coffee shop prior to the band playing. The old coffee roaster was such a neat thing to photograph as it was, the instruments just made it perfect.



One of many in my collection of trees, this is one of my very favorite. Standing poised as though ready to blast off into space, it makes one feel diminutive no matter how large the person is.

Sky Panes

"Sky Panes"

One of many in my collection of "reflections" shots, this was probably the hardest to take so far. Even though it turned out well, it just didn't work until I figured out how to print it- as a square image inset in a white rectangle.



As I was driving along, the sun slipped behind the clouds so I immediately pulled over and looked for a good shot. I found this one.

Sylvan Lightning

"Sylvan Lightning"

This is a tree underneath a street lamp. I thought it looked like upside-down lightning. It was taken in natural light on Kodak 3200 film and then mucked with considerably in the darkroom. Again, a lot is lost in the scan.



Portland is called the city of bridges. There are 9 auto bridges across the Willamette in downtown Portland. Seen here are, from near to far, the Hawthorne, Marquam, and Ross Island Bridges, taken from underneath the Hawthorne with it's lift span raised.

Study in Frozen Confection

"Study in Frozen Confection"

I love photos of lots of similar things in groups, and have a lot more in mind to take. Thus, this tray of Dilly Bars being made immdediately caught my photographic eye.

Lucy's Lamppost


Would you believe I shot this picture inside an old wardrobe? No? OK, you're right. It's in my front yard. The ice is courtesy of an ice storm that closed down the school (and the whole region) that day. As bad as is having everything covered with ice, it makes for great pictures.

A Night in the Life of a CS Major

"A Night in the Life of a CS Major"

This is the first of a series done in the style of Duane Michaels. In order to view it, click on the thumbnail, and then follow the subsequent links in the text or by clicking on the photos.

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