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This may be an ongoing project. It started as a project for a Spanish class. After searching the web for info on these two, and finding some on Frida but not on Diego, I decided to start from scratch. So, pouring through biographies and autobiographies, I extracted the information for this site. The chronologies formed the handouts that accompanied the skit we did for the class. Realizing that others might profit from my research, and be looking for some concise summary info about one or both of them, I decided to publish my work on the web. After all, information exchange is what the internet is all about. So feel free to use this information as you like, but remember, it is published on the web, so wholesale plagiarism might not be too prudent.

Right now, the only thing I have up is the chronologies of their lives. They are done in Greyscale for ease in printing and are formatted accordingly, should you wish to print them out (set all margins to .50"). In the future I hope to have excerpts from and about Diego and Frida, a gallery with examples of their work, links to related pages, you know, all that stuff a complete site on someone would have. Click on a link below to go to the information you need.

If you find any of the information on this site useful, please email me at bluehouse [at] rogerpenn.org