Chronogolgy of the Life of Diego Rivera

1886 Born Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez on the 8th of December, along with his twin brother Carlos, in Guanajuato, Mexico, to Diego and María Barrientos Rivera.
1889 Since the death of his brother the year before, for his bad health and to avoid his brother's fate, Diego was sent to live in the mountains with his nursemaid Antonia. He literally grew up with the animals of the wild, and eventually recovered his health.
1891 Returned to live with his parents.
1892 His sister Maria was born.
1897 Began studying art at the School of Fine Arts in San Carlos at night, while going to school during the day.
1903 For organizing a demonstration that ended up in violence, Diego was expelled from San Carlos and never again studied formally at a school or institution.
1905 Gave his first exhibition, directed by the great and famous painter, Murillo Atl, in order to earn the right to travel to Europe on a government subsidy. It was a huge success and he sold every single painting.
1912 Declared his "common law" marriage to Angeline Belloff, with whom he had his only son that later died from menengitis in 1917 before his second birthday.
1913-14 His cubist period; he became friends with Pablo Picasso in 1914.
1921 Started work on his famous mural at the National Prep School at the University of Mexico. Married Lupe Marín. Met Frida Kahlo for the first time.
1923 Completed his mural at the Prep School, married Lupe officially, and became a member fo the Communist Party of Mexico.
1924 His first daughter with Lupe, also named Lupe but called 'Pico' ("pointy head") was born.
1927 His second daughter with Lupe, Ruth, or Chapo (“black as crude oil”) was born. Lupe and Diego divorced.
1929 Married Frida Kahlo. Was expelled from the Communist Party.
1936 Completed the fresco at the Palace of Fine Arts.
1938 Saved by Frida from an assassination attempt by agents of General Cedillo.
1939 Diego and Frida divorced.
1940 Frida and Diego remarried on Diego's 54th birthday, the 8th of December.
1947 Diego painted his most famous mural, Sunday Dream, in the Hotel del Prado.
1952 Contracted cancer of the penis, something extrememly rare, and was cured by X-ray treatment.
1954 Frida dies during the night of the 13th of July.
1955 His cancer resurfaced and he had to go to Moscow to get cured. Married Emma Hurtado.
1957 Diego died on November 25.