In which we say Goodbye to

Galleons Lap

After many years of being here on the web, the time has come to say goodbye. Back when the web was young and Pooh was a book by A.A. Milne (and not a Disney Cartoon), I and a handful of others brought Pooh to the web. Since then Pooh has exploded as a Disney phenomenon and now there are thousands of Pooh sites all over the place. A few of the originals have survived to become Classic web sites that are far better than this site ever was. Now hardly anyone even visits here any more and so there is no point spending the time maintaining it. If you want to see some of those classiscs, here are a few to visit:

If you are looking for the Zone Enchanted Place, it may still be found here.

The Page at Pooh Corner — "The Pooh page for adults" so to speak. This award-winning site by James Milne contains comprehensive information about A.A. Milne, E.H. Shepard, the area in which the books were set, and the toys themselves. A bibliography, images available via ftp, and song lyrics. This site is absolutely fantastic and packed with information. It is not a typical Pooh site for children, except for grown up children at heart.

Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot — Another of those pages that, like Becky's below, just makes you feel good being there. The layout and graphics are so wonderfully done that it's a sight for sore eyes. Definitely one of the web's premiere Pooh pages, it has pictures, cross-stitch ideas, interactive games (including a panorama that's incredible!), artwork, recipes, songs and poems, stories...gosh! I could go on all day! You just need to see this adorable site for yourself. Thanks to the adorable Stephanie for creating it!

An Enchanted Page — This site by David H. Sherrod is absolutely fantastic. It has been updated and looks wonderful. It contains some great info gleaned from and other sources, Trivia, and even its own IRC channel!

Pooh's Place — One of the more popular Pooh pages on the net, this wonderful offering by Becky Stephenson has been around a while. Another page that is simply relaxing just to look at and says "forget your stress—you're in Pooh's Comfy Place now". You can find Milne info, quotes, song lyrics, Owl'shugereference library, and lot's of sources for Pooh merchandise.